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Hoisting hoist
Hoisting hoist

The working process of hoisting hoist: 1. Door opening process (1) Before opening the door, the hoist is in the suspended state, the motor is stopped, the brake is in the braking state, and the gate will be fully closed at a certain opening. (2) Press the start button in the control room or beside the machine according to the door opening instruction. (3) The brake is released, the motor rotates, and the gate is pulled up vertically and at a constant speed through the reducer and open gear pair. (4) During door opening, if the gate hoist is overloaded, the overload device will block the power supply, the brake will brake, and the motor will stop rotating. Need to check and troubleshoot. (5) When the gate is raised to a certain degree of opening or full opening, the power is blocked by manual operation or the master controller, the brake is applied, the motor stops, the gate is held and suspended in the air. If the time is too long, the locker should be put in. 2. Door closing process (1) Unlock the gate. (2) Press the door close button next to the machine in the control room, the motor circuit is connected, the brake is released, and the gate speeds down under the effect of its own weight. (3) The motor enters the feedback braking state, and the gate begins to drop at a uniform speed. (4) When the gate drops to a certain opening or fully closed position, manually operate or the master controller to block the power supply, brake braking, the motor stops, and the gate remains at a certain opening or fully closed position.

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