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Do you know the description and classification of hoist hoist?

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Do you know the description and classification of hoist hoist?

The hoist hoist is a special machinery for water conservancy projects, which is widely used in the opening and closing of gates of water conservancy projects. It is the supporting machinery for water intake and exit gates such as farmland water conservancy, aquaculture, agricultural economic development zones, sewage treatment plants, hydropower stations, reservoirs (sluices, dams, tunnels, pipelines). It can be used in mountainous areas, plains, and areas without electricity. According to the design requirements of users' water conservancy projects, double lifting point hoists can also be produced.

Hoisting hoist classification

The hoist type hoist is divided into fixed type and mobile type. The models are QPQ flat gate hoist hoist, QPK fast hoist hoist, QPG high-lift hoist hoist, QH arc door Hoisting hoist, mobile trolley, flat door hoisting arc gate hoist QHQ series products, there are more than 20 kinds of specifications of opening force 60kN~1000kN, which can be selected by users; such as users With special requirements, the design can be modified to meet the requirements of use.

QHQ series hoist has two types, two pivots and three pivots. In the exceptional case of using electric motor as power, manually connect with the high-speed shaft of the reducer through the coupling. After the reducer decelerates, the power is transmitted to the low-speed output shaft, and the low-speed shaft drives the open pinion and open gear connected with the rope drum Drive the rope drum to rotate. The rope drum is wrapped with steel wire rope, on the steel wire rope passing through the loop. The lower part is connected with the gate hoist. When the motor works, with the rotation of the rope drum, the steel wire rope enters or exits in the spiral groove of the rope drum to open and close the gate. Single hoisting point hoist is a device specially used for opening and closing water inlet quick gates in water conservancy and hydropower projects. When the water turbine generator unit fails due to the failure of the load speed control system or the pressure pipeline ruptures, the gate can be quickly closed within two minutes through automatic or manual control to achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of the machine.

One: Hoist series: Screw hoist is divided into hand-push belt type, closed type, hand-pull type, flashlight dual-use type, fully enclosed type, direct connection type, inclined pull type, single lifting point type and double lifting Point type, with multiple specifications from 0.3T-100T.

Two: The hoist hoist is divided into: trolley type, mobile type, curved door type, (QPQ, QPT, QHQ), 5T-250T single lifting point, double lifting point and other specifications.

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