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Why the flat steel gate is of good quality and durable?

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-07-22

Why the flat steel gate is of good quality and durable?

The editor of steel gate briefly introduces this issue here:

The flat steel gate is used to close and open the control facilities of the water discharge channel. It is an important part of the hydraulic structure. It can be used to intercept the water flow, adjust the flow, control the water level, discharge silt and floats, etc.

The door leaf of the flat steel gate includes: load-bearing structure, walking support, support arm, support hinge, water stop device, lifting lug, etc. The buried part of the plane steel gate includes: track, hinge seat, water stop seat, corner protection, etc. The flat steel gate has light weight, good corrosion resistance, good water-stop performance, good anti-corrosion performance, long service life, two-way pressure bearing conditions, and good sealing performance.

The cross section of the flat steel gate has the same width as the channel; the ultra-wide type can be made into a double lifting point for opening and closing, which has strong adaptability to the depth of the channel; rubber sealing. The plane steel gate consists of three parts: the movable part (also called the door leaf), the buried part and the opening and closing machinery.

Steel gates can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as water, steam, oil, gas, mud, various corrosive media, liquid metals, and radioactive fluids. The working pressure of the valve can be from 0.0013MPa to 1000MPa ultra-high pressure. Rotary cleaning machine can achieve continuous decontamination, all in the water section. The linear speed of the rake is 6 m/min, and the cleaning efficiency is high.

The lattice beam supports the concrete foundation, so that the sweeper runs smoothly and works reliably. Insert the grille on the top of the grille to bring the dirt to the top of the sweeper, complete the reverse unloading action, and keep the water section clean and clean. The motor is invisible in the frame, the protection effect is good, and the barrier-free decontamination is realized. The stainless steel drag chain ensures no rust and maintenance. The anti-corrosion program is sandblasting and rust prevention+hot spray zinc+epoxy varnish primer+epoxy mica intermediate paint+chlorinated rubber topcoat, protection ability More than 20 years. Performance characteristics of the cleaning machine: grille valve body, rotating tooth rake, transmission mechanism, overload protection mechanism and stainless steel traction chain, etc.

During construction, the ambient temperature should not be lower than -10℃, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 60%. Do not construct when there is strong wind or rain and fog. The coating primer should be carried out as soon as possible after the surface of the steel is cleaned up. The coating should be completed within 4 hours in a humid environment, and it should not exceed 12 hours in sunny and better weather. The paint should be applied evenly and thoughtfully, and no omissions should be made. The appearance of the previous layer should be inspected before each layer of paint film is painted. If there are any defects such as missing coating, sagging, and wrinkles, they should be dealt with in time, and then proceed to the next step. Layer construction.

Hoisting hoist is widely used in the opening and closing of gates of water conservancy projects. It is used for farmland irrigation, aquaculture, agricultural economic development zones, sewage treatment plants, hydroelectric power stations, reservoirs (sluices, dams, tunnels, pipelines), etc. The supporting machinery for the exit gate can be used in mountainous areas and plains with and without electricity.

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