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Explain how to do the debugging and maintenance of the screw hoist to be more reasonable

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Explain how to do the debugging and maintenance of the screw hoist to be more reasonable

We know that the installation and commissioning of the screw hoist is actually a complete process, so we must learn how to install and understand how to conduct commissioning. If you want to make the screw hoist's debugging work more reasonable and correct, you must master the skills and methods of _. Let's share it together.

Before installing the screw hoist, check whether the parts are in good condition, whether the lubricating oil is fully loaded, whether the bolts are loose, and whether they are consistent with the relevant technical data. When installing, keep the foundation layout level 180°; the contact area between the base of the hoist and the foundation layout plane should reach more than 90%; the screw axis should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the beam on the gate; it should be perpendicular to the lug hole of the gate. Avoid tilting the screw, causing local stress and damaging the parts. After installation, a trial run is required. Once a no-load test is performed, the screw is allowed to perform two strokes, listen for abnormal noises, and check whether the installation meets the technical requirements. Second, make a load test. Under the rated load, make two strokes to observe the operation of the screw and the gate for abnormal phenomena. After confirming that it is correct, it can be officially operated. After the load has been running for a period of time, maintenance should be carried out. The metal foam generated by the friction of the new parts in the machine, especially the screw, nut, turbine, and worm, should be cleaned gently, coated with lubricating oil, tightly sealed, and continue to use.

The operator masters the structure, performance and operation methods of the gate hoist, and has mechanical knowledge to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Before operation, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the hoist to see if the lubrication of each part is good and whether the bolts are loose. When electric opening and closing, check whether the power line is connected and the switch is in good condition.

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