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Inspection content before hydraulic hoist test operation

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-06-04

The content of the inspection before the trial operation of the hydraulic hoist is summarized as follows:

1. Inspection before trial operation:

1. All the debris in the door slot should be cleaned up to ensure that the gate and pull rod are not blocked.

2. The frame should be fixed firmly. For those fixed by welding, check whether the weld meets the requirements. For those fixed by anchor bolts, check whether the nut is loose.

3. The individual components and equipment in the electrical circuit should be debugged and should comply with the relevant regulations in GB1497.

4. When the oil pump is started at one time, the oil pump overflow valve should be fully opened, and the oil pump should be kept idling for 30-40 minutes.

5. After the oil pump is idling normally, while monitoring the pressure gauge, gradually tighten the overflow valve to fill the pipeline system with oil. Air should be removed when filling the oil. After the pipeline is full of oil, adjust the oil pump relief valve so that the oil pump operates continuously for 15 minutes at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100 of its working pressure. There should be no vibration, noise, and excessive temperature rise.

6. After the above test is completed, adjust the oil pump overflow valve to discharge oil when the pressure reaches 1.1 times the working pressure. There should be no severe vibration and noise at this time.

7. The start valve of the oil pump valve group should generally act within 3 to 5 seconds after the oil pump starts to rotate to load the oil pump, otherwise the spring pressure or the diameter of the fuel saving hole should be adjusted.

8. When there is no water, the lifting gate should be manually operated once to check the deceleration of the buffer device and whether the gate is jammed, and record the gate full open time and oil pressure value.

9. Adjust the cam plate of the master controller so that the electrical contacts of the master controller are connected. When disconnected, the position of the gate should meet the requirements of the drawing, but the actual opening of the water filling valve on the door should be adjusted to less than the design opening by more than 30mm. Adjust the height indicator so that its pointer can correctly indicate the position of the gate.

10. When closing the gate quickly at a time, while operating the solenoid valve, be prepared to close the valve manually to prevent the gate from falling too fast.

11. Lift the gate. Within 48 hours, the settlement of the gate due to the oil leakage of the piston oil seal and pipeline system should not exceed 200mm.

12. After the manual operation test is qualified, the automatic operation test can be carried out. During the test of lifting and fast closing of the gate, record the time of gate lifting, fast closing, buffering and the water level and oil pressure of the reservoir at that time. The fast closing time should meet the design requirements.

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