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What is a hydraulic flap gate? Its working principle and product structure characteristics description

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What is a water conservancy flap gate? Water conservancy flap gate is an automatic gate that automatically opens and closes with the change of flow under certain water level conditions by means of hydraulic and dynamic action and the principle of balance between hydraulic power and gate weight. When working, as the upstream water level rises, the discharge is gradually opened; the upstream water level drops, and the water level is gradually returned to Taiguan water storage, so that the upstream water level is always maintained within the required range (ie, the upstream normal water level).

Principle of hydraulic flap gate

The increase or decrease of the upstream water volume causes the water level to change, which causes the pressure on the gate and the point of action to change, and through the coordination of outriggers, piers, tracks, rollers, and connecting rods, the fulcrum changes continuously with the opening To realize the automatic opening and closing of the flip gate.

Basic structure of water conservancy flap gate

The water conservancy flap gate consists of a grooved door panel of concrete components, a solid door panel, buttresses, legs, and rubber waterstops to form a water-retaining part; it is composed of various specifications of bolt connections (the company performs hot-dip galvanizing), rollers, The track and connecting rod form the moving part of the gate; the two parts form the whole gate.

Operation index of water conservancy flap gate

When the water thrust of the water conservancy flap gate and the torque generated by the weight of the gate reach a balanced state, the water level is 10-30cm higher than the top of the gate. The gate will lift up accordingly to realize the automatic opening process of the gate. The higher the water level, the gate will be lifted up. The greater the opening, until fully opened. In the opposite round, as the water level drops, the water thrust decreases and reaches the balance point between the weight of the gate and the water thrust. The gate resets the water blocking after the start of the round.

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