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What are the functions of the hydraulic flap gate and the classification of the gate

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What are the functions of the hydraulic flap gate and the classification of the gate

The gate is a movable water retaining structure in a water conservancy project building. Use it to close, open or partially open the water-passing orifice to control the water level, adjust the flow, pass the ship, discharge the sediment, etc. Therefore, the gate is a structure that plays a key role in the many functions of water conservancy projects to benefit and eliminate harm. Its application and application greatly affect the operation effect of the entire hydraulic structure.

What is the function of each part of the hydraulic flap gate

The door leaf support part is mostly used for support, roller support and sprocket support. The supporting part is also the walking part of the door leaf. The support is a slider installed at the side beam of the main body of the door leaf. It moves on the supporting track fixed in the door slot, where it is a surface or a line. The support is a wheel mounted on the side beam of the door leaf, which moves on the track of the door slot, where there are points or lines. The sprocket support is a chain-like closed chain ring composed of a series of cylindrical rollers around the door leaf side column. This supported gate is also called a crawler gate. The support plane gate supports large gate resistance and large opening force; roller support resistance is small, and opening force is also small, but the gate leaf is heavier; sprocket support is also used, and its advantage is that a large number of small rollers bear the gate The water pressure of the single wheel is small, which makes the track laid in the door groove small in section and light in weight. The roller-supported gate is equipped with cantilever (extending) wheels, simply supported wheels and trolley-type wheel sets according to gate characteristics and beam grid layout. The water stop device installed on the main body of the gate leaf to seal the orifice is generally a specially manufactured compressible and wear-resistant rubber product, and its layout is divided into top water stop, side water stop and bottom edge water stop. The joints of the water-stop joints are all thermally glued during the on-site assembly to ensure the effect of the surrounding water-stop.

The lifting lugs of the plane gate are generally set on the top beam at the upper end of the main structure of the gate leaf. According to the size and form of the structure, it can be directly welded to the top beam or manufactured separately, and then welded and fixed on site.

What are the classifications of flat fixed wheel steel gates

1. According to the overall layout, it can be divided into combined type (door slot, door leaf and operating equipment as a whole) and decentralized type (composed of door leaf, door groove and hoist, door leaf can be lifted out of door groove during operation)

2. According to the assembly form of the gate leaf, it can be divided into integral door leaf type and segmented door leaf type.

3. According to the support of the gate leaf, it is divided into support type and support type.

4. According to the water stop position of the gate leaf, it is divided into upstream water stop type and downstream water stop type.

5. According to the operating status of the gate leaf, it is divided into straight-up type, up-lift type, horizontal pull type and floating box type. In addition, there are other categories.

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