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The installation method of the cleaning machine should be trained and learned

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The installation method of the cleaning machine should be trained and learned

The cleaning machine is to use the expected effect. In fact, today's is better. Although each vacuum cleaner is a little different, the method is the same. Therefore, the first priority is to use the cleaning fluid. There are two installation and cleaning methods. Good objects are It is a region where training should be done, oh!

1. Removal and water installation plan

Installation steps: cleaning machinery (upper web end and lower body, directly above door, front door) and controller control module (drive shaft, roller bearing, gear shaft, giant shield, etc.) are fully prepared. The lower part of the first grid map (and sprocket harrow) uses the car elevator channel to release the upper body according to the required level, and tilts it with the associated door in the vertical plan design drawing by 15°, and goes out along the track according to clear the lock machine The device is locked. The door directly above (with sprocket rake) is hoisted to the channel, all inclined at 15°, aligned with the two ends of the grid diagram of the lower part of the connection of the Lianglian, arrow and tow rope chain, with the chain to the directly above 1 locking pin At the front door of the lower body, open the lock in the lower part to the lock directly above. Splicing the fixed plate and removing the butt weld of the side beam. The prefabricated components of the controller control module are hoisted to a sweeper’s regional anchor screws, connected to the traction rope chain, and equipped with gear shafts. Each one is moved to work responsibility and the installation is shielded.

The installation method of the cleaning machine should be trained and learned

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2. Extensive installation plan

This installation method is simpler for up-and-down objectivity. For cranes higher than 25t, the installation stone will hoist the dirt removal machine to the surface of the buried guide rail, and adjust the bottom of the two-sided beam to a plan design drawing, The buried road high-speed rail line Fushi and the drive shaft are in a horizontal condition. The usable door hinge seat is fixed on the usable door hinge fixed plate, and the imperial load is removed from the dirt rake and then onto the plate roller chain. Install, check and adjust Good mutual sprocket sprocket teeth and chain gap, after the general meeting of shareholders, the gear shaft and traction rope chain are slightly adjusted and tensioned, and work is responsible.

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