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With the extensive development of water conservancy and hydropower projects, professional steel gate manufacturers are used for maintenance of watercourses, dams, hydropower stations and other projects in reservoir irrigation areas and metal spraying maintenance. 1.1.1 The gate hoist shall meet the requirements of this standard, and check whether the gate plate and the gate are jammed according to the prescribed procedures, and timely place the jammed objects to ensure that the position is centered so that the equipment operates normally. One unique feature is the setting of the water valve. This is the result of excessive pressure when closing the door. 3. Perfectly cooperate with various hoist. The structure of the gate product is an arc-shaped door body, which is supported by a support arm link. The opening force of the gate mainly depends on the weight of the movable part of the door body. It is reported that the characteristics of the hydraulic steel gate structure are the use of steel panels and the structure of the door leaf load-bearing structure. The two are well combined, so that the steel gate can withstand good water performance and has good impermeability. It has strong corrosion performance, can withstand high water pressure, low friction, good water flow control, and reasonable water distribution to ensure normal operation.

The shield of the steel gate is made of thin-walled stainless steel pipe. Its length is generally millimeters larger than the stroke of the gate, so that one end is sealed, and the other end is bolted to the electric device on the upper part of the hoist. It can effectively protect the screw thread from damage. Steel gate belongs to the manufacture and acceptance of closed column structure and lifting frame. It can also be a P-shaped rubber water stop, which is mainly used to withstand the gravity or the reaction force when opening and closing the gate. The weighing bearing is installed inside, and the appearance is more exquisite. The door body generally adopts an integral metal water stop, which also serves as a supporting slider. The metal water stop is fastened to the door with countersunk screws made of the same material. The screw head and the water stop working surface are finished together, some of which are larger in size. The "P" shaped rubber water stop is mainly used to bear. The top should be higher than the level of the door. The door frame is the connecting member between the cast iron gate and the foundation, which is equivalent to the buried height of the flat steel gate. The door frame includes two parts, a lower door frame and an upper rail. The lower door frame is generally integrally cast. The guide rail can be connected with the door frame by bolts (screws) or cast integrally with the lower door frame. When the door body is opened to a high position, the top of the guide rail should be higher than the level of the door body. The door frame is a cast iron gate. And base.

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