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Trouble and accident treatment of mechanical grille cleaning machine

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Trouble and accident treatment of mechanical grille cleaning machine


If the grid main motor or water pump motor is overloaded, the system will automatically stop. When the motor is overloaded, the fault indicator will be on and the corresponding fault will be displayed on the touch screen. Once the flushing water supply is cut off, the flushing system will stop working and send out a water shortage alarm signal. The relevant personnel should deal with it in time to avoid overflow of sewage.

The cabinet door is equipped with an emergency stop button (SB0). In the event of an abnormal fault, press (SB0) to stop the entire system. After confirming that it is normal, turn the button to reset it.

Maintenance and overhaul

1. Keep the area around the grille clean, check and clean it at least once a day. It is strictly forbidden to throw wooden blocks, planks and other debris into the front pool of the grille!

2. Frequently check whether the oil seal of the reducer is leaking, and the damaged oil seal should be replaced in time. If the oil level is insufficient, add oil in time and replace it regularly. The reducer should be lubricated and maintained according to the SEW random instructions. The first lubricating oil must be replaced when the high-pressure pump works for 30 hours, and the lubricating oil shall be replaced every 100 hours thereafter. The oil is No. 46 high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, which is added to the middle of the oil standard. Warning: Before changing the oil, cut off the high-voltage pump motor circuit breaker QF5/QF10.

3. The four bearings on the wall of the frame must be regularly lubricated, and the oil is lithium-based grease. Inject every 30 days. In addition, the oil cup on the bearing seat at the end of the press is injected every 30 days.

4. Clean the filter screen of the pipeline filter regularly. Generally, when the gauge pressure of the pressure gauge after the filter is lower than 0.6Mpa, the filter screen will be shut down to clean the filter screen to ensure the working effect of the washing system. Warning: after the cleaning work, the closed valve must be opened before starting!

5. The machine should avoid long-term shutdown to ensure that all parts of the equipment are in good working condition. When the machine stops for more than 7 days, the sewage must be drained, and the grille must not be soaked in stagnant sewage for a long time.

6. Electrical maintenance should be performed by professionals, and the power supply should be cut off during maintenance.

Simple observation method of equipment operation

1. In front of the grid: observe the filter screen at the inlet of the water inlet, the left side is the upward filter screen, and there is more garbage on the screen surface. On the right is the downward filter screen, the screen surface should be clean and free of residue.

2. Behind the grid: Observe the water flow in the outlet channels on both sides of the grid. When the grid is running, the water flow is rolling and the flow velocity is high. When it stops, the water output gradually decreases, the flow rate decreases, and the liquid level behind the grid gradually stabilizes.

3. Observe whether the grille machine runs for a period of time, whether there is any abnormal sound, and listen to whether the impact sound emitted by the medium pressure washing is loud and powerful.

4. Observe whether there are abnormal noises when the press is running, and whether the amount of slag and drainage are normal.

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