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How to save the cast iron gate from being corroded?

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How to save the cast iron gate from being corroded?

Cast iron gates are used to close and open control facilities for water discharge (discharge) channels. An important part of hydraulic structures can be used to intercept water flow, control water level, adjust flow, discharge sediment and float, etc. How to prevent it during use?

The operating pressure of sandblasting gas is less than 0.5MPa, equipped with 6m3/Sr air compressor. When using a mobile air compressor, its displacement is 6m3/s, the rated pressure is 0.8MPa, and the power is 37kw. The compressed air used for sandblasting must be processed by a cooling device and an oil-water separator to ensure that the compressed air is dry and oil-free. The oil-water separator must be cleaned regularly. The size of the nozzle during sandblasting is 6-8mm. During use, the nozzle should be replaced when the diameter of the orifice increases by 25% due to wear. The metal surface that has been sandblasted and inspected should be kept clean before transportation or anti-corrosion construction to avoid being contaminated with water or oil impurities, and can not directly touch the metal surface with hands to prevent partial rust; metal that has been contaminated with oil The surface must be treated with a corresponding organic solvent. The compressed air in the spray gun is used as the driving force. Driven by the driving device, the zinc wire passes through the nozzle and becomes a melt under the heating of the oxygen-acetylene flame. The compressed air makes it atomized. The particles are sprayed onto the workpiece to form a thermal spray zinc protective layer.

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