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How to improve the efficiency and quality of hoist hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-05-14

How to improve the efficiency and quality of hoist hoist

We bought a hoist hoist that needs to be in working condition for a long time, but we are worried that overuse will shorten its lifespan, which makes our operators dilemma. Today we give you some suggestions and hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The hoist hoist manufacturer told us to classify our hoist hoist from the characteristics. Hoist can be classified according to different characteristics:

1. According to operating power, it can be divided into manpower, electric power and hydraulic power.

2. According to the power transmission mode, it can be divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. Mechanical transmission is divided into belt transmission, chain transmission, gear transmission and combined transmission. Hydraulic transmission can be divided into hydraulic transmission and hydraulic transmission.

3. According to the installation status of the hoist, it can be divided into fixed and mobile. China often names gate hoists after this classification.

4. According to the connection mode of gate and hoist, it can be divided into flexible, rigid and semi-rigid connection.

5. According to the characteristics of the gate, it is divided into flat gate hoist, radial gate hoist and miter gate operating machinery. It is usually used to name the operating equipment of the gate with its comprehensive characteristics, such as screw hoist, chain hoist, hoist hoist, hydraulic hoist, trolley hoist, gate hoist Machine waiting.

The parameters of the gate hoist are: the opening and closing force, the traction force or the applied pressure when the gate is opened or lowered, the opening and closing stroke and the opening and closing speed. When selecting the type of hoist, the following factors are mainly considered: gate type, sealing size and operating conditions, the number of gate openings of the same type and the number of gate fans, the number of gate lifting lugs, hoisting force, hoisting stroke and hoisting speed , The power condition of the gate hoist, installation location, space scale and other operational requirements.

Next, we purchase the hoist hoist we need according to our actual situation and then start to learn its maintenance and maintenance: hoist hoist is commonly used in water conservancy and hydropower projects, and its safe operation is critical. In recent years, In the quality inspection of hydraulic metal structures, the products of most parts of China's hoist production plants were inspected. Because of the differences in production planning, management level, personnel nature, processing ability, inspection and experimental equipment, and operational thinking style, the quality of the products of each production plant is very different.

The overall quality of the hoist hoist products in our country is worrying, but it can be improved and improved. As we all know, the production of high-quality products should generally have four premises:

1. There are scientific, reasonable and feasible process documents and process processes subject to strict and effective control.

2. There are design drawings and materials that conform to the contract skill items and the current skill specifications and regulations.

3. Have superior market conditions.

4. There is a reliable internal and external quality assurance.

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