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Lubrication of gate hoist is a very important job

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-03-19

Lubrication of gate hoist is a very important job

1) The general requirements for lubrication are: the variety of lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the hoist's manual and with reference to relevant regulations. The amount of oil must be sufficient, the quality of the oil must be qualified, and the oil must be filled in time. When refilling new oil, clean the refueling facilities such as the oil hole, oil passage, oil tank, and oil cup.

2) Before refueling, try to remove the dirt, impurities and old oil remaining on the relevant parts, and then wash and dry it. Use kerosene, or diesel or gasoline.

3) When adding oil to pulleys, roller bearings, etc., add oil to the entire surface that should be lubricated.

4) Check whether the color of the outflowing oil is the same as that of the new oil. If it is different, clean the oil holes, oil grooves, and oil passages; the split gears are evenly distributed and thinner, and they are more squeezed out, causing waste and unsightly. When refueling the gearbox, the oil quality in the box must be checked. If the oil has deteriorated, if there is water, iron filings or other impurities, it should be cleaned immediately. When refueling, the oil level should be controlled between the upper and lower limits of the scale. If the lubrication effect is not achieved, the heat dissipation and cooling effect are not good.

5) The steel wire rope is refueled with diesel oil first, because diesel oil has an ideal effect on removing impurities and dirty oil, and then greased to prevent corrosion and reduce wear. In order to make the grease stick to the surface of the steel wire rope and penetrate into the hemp core, it can be applied after heating by mixing machine oil or gear oil and grease. If the steel wire rope is immersed in water, the oil film will not fall off. For specific situations, use tarpaulin or plastic cloth (cut into 5 cm strips) to bandage or other measures to avoid contact with water, but care should be taken not to wind the bandaged wire rope on a drum or pulley.

6) The armature of the brake (brake), the brake lever, and the connecting hinge should be maintained with an oil film to ensure flexible movement. The spring of the brake should be greased for maintenance to prevent rust, and replace the oil frequently to maintain elasticity. It is strictly forbidden to get the oil on the friction plate of the brake, otherwise the brake will fail and cause vicious accidents such as door falling.

7) When refueling the oil hole, you can refuel while opening the operation, so as to fill the entire contact lubrication surface. However, in places where gears, rollers, pulleys, etc. shake are dangerous, do not refuel during operation.

8) The friction part of the hoisting machinery should be cleaned every 3-6 months due to the iron and foreign impurities produced by its own friction, and the new oil should be replaced. Pay attention to the dusty places. It should be cleaned and refueled once a year before the flood to facilitate the safety of the project during the flood.

9) At the end of refueling, seal the oil hole with an oil cup, screw, etc. to prevent dust and impurities from entering.

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