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Lubrication requirements for the copper sleeve of the connecting shaft of the winch hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-03-26

The hoist and gate are supporting facilities because the hoist is needed to lift the gate when opening and closing the heavier gate. The hoist hoist is wound on the drum by a steel wire rope, which passes through the pulley block mechanism. The lower part of the movable pulley suspension plate is connected with the lifting shaft of the gate lifting lug. When the motor (or manual drive) works, as the rope drum rotates, the rope enters and exits the spiral groove of the rope drum, so that the gate can be opened and closed. With the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, wide lifting height range, convenient installation and maintenance, and fast lifting and closing speed, the hoist hoist adopts manual and electric drive when the opening and closing force is less than 250kN. The gate can be opened and closed regardless of whether it is powered on.

The hoist hoist is mainly connected to the gate with a steel cable or a steel cable pulley block, and the hoist drum is wound and placed on the steel cable through a gear transmission system to drive the lifting machine, also called a fixed wire rope hoist. It has simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance and repair, and is widely used in opening and closing of various types of gates. The hoist hoist is divided into single lifting point and double lifting point. Double lifting point hoist hoist is to connect two single lifting point hoist together through a connecting shaft for synchronous operation, which can be made into one-side drive or two-side drive. The hoist is usually a gate with a hoist, installed on the pier above the top of the gate slot.

After the winch hoist is purchased, can the customer operate it by himself after purchase? Are there technical requirements?

1. The operator must master the structure, performance and operation methods of the hoist, and have certain mechanical knowledge to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

2. Before operation, check the equipment thoroughly to observe whether the lubrication conditions are good and whether the bolts are loose. When turning the motor on and off, check whether the power cord is well connected and the switch is good.

3. When the motor is running, the operator cannot leave the scene, and it will stop immediately if there is a problem.

4. When the equipment is repaired, the load must be cleared.

5. When hoisting hoist is used, lubricating oil should be injected into the oil hole at any time, and sufficient lubricating oil should be kept regularly. The screw should be regularly cleaned of grease, and new oil should be applied to prevent rust. The hoist is widely used in gate opening and closing of water conservancy projects. It is a complete set of machinery for farmland irrigation, aquaculture, agricultural economic development zones, sewage treatment plants, hydropower stations, reservoirs (sluices, dikes, tunnels, pipelines, etc.).

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