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Causes and treatment methods of screw hoist accidents

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-04-10

The screw hoist is widely used in the opening and closing of culvert gates on various channels in irrigation areas and the gate opening and closing of key water diversion projects due to its simple structure, easy installation and low price. However, some screw hoists currently in use do not have effective protection measures against top brake accidents. Even if a limit switch is installed on the flashlight hoist, it can only serve as a limit. There is a slight difference in the operation of the hoist. There will be pressure-bending screw rods, crushing of the hoist end cover, breaking of the machine beam, cracking and damage to the upper edge of the reinforced concrete beam, serious displacement, rotation, overturning of the hoisting machine (beam), and even staff casualties , The electric hoist will also cause the motor to overload and burn the motor, which will seriously affect the safe operation of the project and threaten the personal safety of the operators.

Reasons for accidents of screw hoist

1. The screw hoist accident caused by human factors

Operators work sloppily, do not follow the gate opening and closing procedures to check first, and then the operator or the original operator asks for leave due to an incident, and the substitute staff blindly operate when they are not familiar with the opening and closing procedures and methods.

2. Accidents caused by non-human factors

During the operation of the gate, floating objects such as trees or obstacles such as stones are brought to the bottom of the gate or rushed into the gate slot by high-speed water. If the gate is closed at this time, when the lower edge of the gate has not touched the bottom of the gate. Blocked by obstacles, reaction force is generated, but the limit mark or limit switch on the screw is not in place, it can not stop the limit stop or remind the operator to stop, so the operator will not stop the machine, the hoist will drive the gate to continue When the reaction force exceeds the endurance of the gate hoist or the gate hoist, a top brake accident will inevitably occur.

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