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Precautions for the use of hydraulic system of hydraulic flap gate

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Precautions for the use of hydraulic system of hydraulic flap gate

1. Use and maintenance of wave pressure system

1. After the hydraulic system is debugged, the hydraulic oil needs to be updated; the hydraulic oil should be replaced once according to the pollution of the hydraulic oil after the first use; the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time according to the pollution of the hydraulic oil, but the length should not exceed two years.

2. Grease is often applied to the piston rod to prevent corrosion.

3. Regularly check the fasteners (bolts) and connectors of each part of the hydraulic system to prevent loosening and falling off. Check the tightness of oil pipes and hoses.

4. Before the arrival of the flood season, test each gate [] to test whether the opening and closing of gate i is normal.

5. In areas with more serious sedimentation, the gates need to be activated regularly to carry out flushing and silting to avoid the impact of sedimentation in the front of the gate [] on the opening of the gate.

2. Precautions for using hydraulic system

1. Because the opening speed of the hydraulic control gate is relatively fast and the flow rate is too large, when the gate is opened, attention should be paid to the rapid elevation of the downstream water level, and the safety of the downstream riverside personnel should be taken into consideration.

2. When there is a stall during the opening of the gate, check whether there is a fault in each part because it stops opening. Turn on after troubleshooting.

3. If you need to stay for a long time after the gate is opened, the position will remain fully open.

4. During the gate closing process, if the gate cannot be closed, there may be foreign matter stuck under the gate. The correct way is to stop closing the gate, reopen the gate and let the foreign matter underneath be washed away by water, and then close the gate.

5. After the gate is closed, the shut-off valve should be kept in the open position, and can not stay in the shut-off position, the gate is in the state of automatic hydraulic control.

Third, the prohibition of the use of wave pressure system:

1. It is forbidden to use hydraulic pressure to forcibly lock the gate under high water level. In this state, the excessively high water pressure exceeds the gate [I design pressure resistance, which may cause damage to gate 1].

2. It is forbidden to use hydraulic pressure to forcibly lock the gate at high water level, and then suddenly open the stop valve to open the gate for flood discharge. In this state, due to the direct action of excessive water pressure, the movement of the gate will be accelerated, which will inevitably occur

The collision caused major damage to the gate leaf, hydraulic system, buttress, etc.

3. It is forbidden to use the gate to open at a small angle to control the water level for a long time to avoid the situation that the gate runs for a long time under unfavorable conditions.

4. It is forbidden to use hydraulic pressure to keep the gate [] in the intermediate state of opening and closing for a long time. In this state, the gate [] may shake (fluctuate) due to the fluctuation of the water flow and eventually damage the connecting mechanism of the gate [].

4. Contact the manufacturer to solve the problem if you cannot handle it by yourself.

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