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How to install the steel gate leaf?

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-01-14

Before installing the steel gate leaf, we need to make preparations, and then we can start the assembly from all aspects. The following are some precautions for installing the gate leaf of the gate hoist provided by the editor. Please make a reference.

First of all, the qualified record of the retest of the door groove needs to be complete, and the debris and steel bars in the door groove of the steel gate need to be cleaned; the gate level locking device can also be put into use, so it needs to be checked whether it can be used normally; it also needs to be cleaned out. Stacking site for leaves and other accessories. Safety fences and covers have been installed at the door slots

After the gate leaf sections and other related accessories are transported to the construction site, they need to be assembled, and then they are installed in sections by hoisting the entry trough. The main contents of the door leaf assembly are the lifting, assembly, adjustment, welding, installation of water stop, running mechanism and inspection of the gate.

In addition, the steel gate manufacturer reminds you: before assembly, you need to build an assembly platform in the factory or near the door slot, and the platform needs to be laid with section steel or concrete. When setting up the platform, you should also consider leaving for welding and installation. Attachment and location where inspection measurements are taken.

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