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Analyze the working procedure of the mobile grab grille decontamination machine

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2020-01-19

The coarse grille decontamination machine uses a mobile grab grille decontamination machine, which is a relatively advanced medium and coarse grille equipment in the current environmental protection and drainage machinery.

Today we come to understand the working procedures and steps of the mobile grab cleaning machine.

Main structure of mobile grab grille decontamination machine

It is composed of 6 parts including 4 water inlet fixed grid bars, overhead monorail system, grab trolley, drive system, grab lifting system hydraulic control system, and electrical control system.

Main working procedures of mobile grab grille decontamination machine

The program is set by PLC. The grab trolley starts from the position of the unloading port and the rake is in place. The grab trolley walks along the elevated monorail to reach the set position of the water inlet. The wire rope drum in the trolley drops, and the grab follows The fixed grille bar of the water inlet slides down to grab the garbage and floating objects blocked by the grille bar, and when it reaches the bottom position set by the grille bar, the hydraulic hose that is synchronously raised and lowered along the wire rope transmits the hydraulic system commands to control the closing of the grab , The grab grabs the dirt and the rake and then rises to the top, the grab trolley moves along the elevated rail to the unloading position, and then the trolley returns to the next inlet canal to grab the dirt, from the first inlet to the fourth The inlet canal carries out cyclic work.

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