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The role and efficacy of the cleaner

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The role and efficacy of the cleaner

The function of the cleaning machine is to clean up a large amount of dirt accumulated in front of the water inlets of pumping stations, hydropower stations, sewage treatment plants, etc., such as: branches, weeds, bamboo and wood domestic garbage, etc., otherwise it will affect the output of the unit and lose electricity. Waste financial resources, block waterways, and even crush trash racks, endanger the pumping station and cause great losses.

After the installation of the cleaning machine and the mechanical grille, weeds and dirt can be removed in time, and the water flow can be kept smooth, which not only saves electricity expenses, but also protects the pumping station facilities and extends the service life of the unit.

1. Rotary cleaning machine

The rotary grille cleaning machine is a special water treatment equipment that can continuously and automatically intercept and remove impurities of various shapes in the fluid. It has a simple working principle, reliable operating performance, convenient maintenance and high cost performance. Small and medium-sized hydropower stations and pumping stations bring significant economic and social benefits.

2. Rotary mechanical grille

The working principle of the rotary mechanical grid is the same as that of the rotary cleaning machine. The grid spacing of this equipment is generally 1-20mm, which is mainly suitable for cleaning small solid garbage in sewage treatment plants.

3. Mobile grab type dirt cleaning machine

The water frame of the mobile grab cleaning machine adopts steel wheels to be set on parallel steel rails, and moves horizontally through the walking mechanism and the transmission part. It is suitable for the fixed trash racks of the power station water inlet and water supply and drainage inlet. It is used to remove the dirt attached to the surface of the trash rack and the dirt that sinks into the bottom of the trash rack, and it is more suitable for the cleaning of deep-water mouth power stations and pumping stations. The equipment can meet the requirements of various sites and spaces, does not require civil construction, and has a wide range of applications. It combines the characteristics of traditional cleaning machines. One can replace several traditional cleaning machines. It is economical and practical. It is an ideal cleaning equipment. .

4. High-chain grille cleaning machine

The high-chain grille decontamination machine is equipped with a single tooth rake to make a rotary motion under the drive of the chain, that is, when the chain is driven by the driving device at the top to rotate clockwise, the tooth rake frame moves in a plane under the constraint of the chain and the guide rail. Within one week of chain operation, a complete set of cyclic actions of tooth harrow closing and slag removal, slag conveying, slag unloading and transposition are completed, and the dirt is discharged to the conveyor through the relative movement of the top slag discharge device and the decontamination rake. When working, sewage flows through the gap of the grid, and the garbage trapped on the grid surface is picked up by the rake teeth driven by the rotary chain and transported from bottom to top. When the rake bucket reaches the discharge port, it is transported from the bottom of the rack. The rubber cleaning board is scraped off.


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