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Working principle and maintenance of steel gate

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working principle:

The steel gate frame and the door body are installed in the underwater part, and the guide rail is installed on the upper end of the door frame, which ensures that when the door body is working, the guide rail will move up and down vertically within a certain stroke along the door frame.

Since the gate works underwater, for easy operation, an opening and closing device is installed underwater. Because the gate elevation is not consistent, the length of the drive screw and the setting of the shaft guide depend on its specific size (see details) Our product samples). The lifting lugs, lifting blocks, and pin shafts are mainly used to connect the drive screw and the door body, so that the power source for the door body to reciprocate up and down comes from the hoist.

When working, turn the handle of the hoist (electric hoist, just press the power switch button of the control box) to make the nut or screw worm wheel rotate, drive the drive screw to work, and make the door body move up and down relative to the door frame. At the same time, the wedging device uses the working principle that the wedges can be tightened and loosened, so that when the door body is lowered to the set limit position, the door frame and the sealing seat surface of the door body can be effectively fitted to cut off the water.

When the door is fully opened up, the water is dredged; otherwise, it is cut off. If the water level needs to be adjusted due to work, it can also be half-opened and half-closed to achieve the purpose of dredging, shutting off, and adjusting the water level. If dual-purpose hoist with flashlight is used, the user can adjust the opening and closing stroke of the gate by referring to the manual of the electric device issued by the factory to your unit. If a manual hoist is used, it can be closed or opened manually according to the site conditions.

Use and maintenance

1. When using a manual hoist to open and close the gate, the force should be even, do not use too much force to prevent damage (injury) to the positioning device.

2. When using a flashlight dual-purpose hoist to open and close the gate, you should pay attention to:

a. When using electric opening and closing, check whether the hand crank is separated from the shaft, so as to avoid hurting people when starting.

b. When opening and closing manually, the power supply should be cut off, and the rocking handle should be inserted into the hole to shake (or cut the electric mark on the electric device into the manual mark).

c. Fill the bearing of the gate hoist, drive screw, nut, etc. with lubricating fluid 1-2 times every 2-3 months, and fill the bearing part with butter during major maintenance.

d. Paint and anti-corrosion treatment should be applied to the gate once a year.

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