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The operation of gate hoist should pay attention to the following points

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The following points should be paid attention to when operating the gate hoist:

1. Pay attention to whether the screw of the gate hoist moves in the required direction, whether the motor and gearbox are running well, and whether the gearbox and the screw runner are moving synchronously.

2. Observe whether the motor speed and temperature rise are normal, whether the vibration is too large, and whether the sound is abnormal. If an abnormal situation is found, immediately shut down for inspection to prevent equipment deformation or damage, and report to the dispatcher and the project leader in charge.

3. After the opening and closing is completed and the machine is shut down, check again whether the number of gate opening and closing wires is accurate.

The working principle of cast iron gate

The contact area between the water facing surface of the sluice frame and the back water surface of the sluice frame is mechanically refined, processed and planed, and is smooth and tightly fitted, so that the joint surface, the water stop surface and the sports slide are combined into one. Under the action of the hoist, when the gate is opened and closed, the inclined iron and the sluice frame of the gate are closed to ensure the vertical and horizontal running track of the gate. Under the dual action of the water pressure and the closed inclined iron, the smooth operation of the gate is ensured, so that The gate is closely attached to the slideway of the gate frame to achieve the purpose of effective water stop.

The working principle of cast iron gates. The gate is a water retaining member that directly bears water pressure. The gate frame is the supporting member around the gate. It is also a slide for the gate to move up and down. The other part of the slide is embedded in the second pier and the gate bottom. In the concrete, the water pressure on the gate is evenly transmitted to the gate pier and the bottom of the gate chamber.

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