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The structure and advantages of screw hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-12-13

The screw gate hoist is a device used to operate the movement of the door leaf to open and close the orifice. It is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower projects. Mainly divided into screw type, winch type, hydraulic type and other types. Among them, screw type and gourd type are widely used. The role of screw hoist: to operate the door leaf movement. Type: screw type, screw opening and closing type, hydraulic type.

Structure: motor, frame, screw hoist, protective cover, etc. Application areas: water conservancy, hydropower engineering, do you know these gatekeepers? Use and structure? Used in various large-scale water supply and drainage, water conservancy and hydropower projects. It is used to control the lifting of various large and medium-sized cast iron gates and steel gates to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.

Structural features: The hoist includes a motor, a hoist, a frame, a protective cover, etc.; it adopts a three-stage deceleration method, adopts a spin for transmission, and has a large output torque. The steel frame of the crane overcomes the artificial unevenness, thereby reducing the noise and vibration of the entire machine. Outdoor long-time working motor with protection class ≥IP155. The stroke control mechanism uses the principle of a decimal counter to control the stroke error to 0.5%. Torque protection control is the principle of protecting electrical appliances by triggering a micro switch through the axial displacement of the worm.

It is easy to operate and maintain, and can realize on-site and remote control operation. The door series is safe to use, reasonable in structure, excellent in performance, in compliance with standards, and easy to debug and maintain. The opening and closing equipment is flexible to open and close, durable, with good closing performance and high degree of automation. It can be widely used in the lifting adjustment of gates, weirs, poppets, sludge valves and overhaul gates in water conservancy and hydropower projects, river treatment projects, various water supply and drainage projects and urban sewage treatment projects, all of which are obtained from the inspection department of the Ministry of Water Resources and Quality approval.

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