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The cleaning machine is an indispensable cleaning and slag treatment equipment in the water treatment process

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Introduction of dirt cleaning machine: mechanical equipment that removes debris (generally called dirt) attached to the trash rack. In order to ensure the safe and normal operation of hydropower stations or pumping stations on reservoirs or rivers with a lot of dirt, it is often necessary to set up sewage cleaners to clean up without stopping the machine or emptying the reservoir.

Sewage cleaner is an indispensable device for cleaning and slagging in the water treatment process. Its changes and development have attracted the attention of water supply and drainage professionals. It can not only ensure the normal operation of the subsequent sections and equipment of the water treatment, but also directly affect the quality of the effluent.

The sewage cleaner can be widely used in the treatment of urban sewage and industrial waste water in floating and suspended solids, and can also be used to eliminate sewage in pumping stations. It is an ideal equipment for water source treatment.

working principle

The cleaning machine is a fundamental change from the previous mechanical grille relying on chain drive or wire rope to pull the teeth, rotating and reciprocating linear motion to eliminate the slag intercepted by the grille surface, but uses the same as climbing stairs. Form to enhance the slag.

The cleaning machine is mainly composed of frame, moving and static grid plate group, driving device, transmission mechanism and control.

The working principle of the cleaning machine is to control the driving device placed on the upper part of the grid to drive the transmission mechanism and the moving grid plate group to move alternately relative to the static grid plate group through the electrical control system command, using the stepped tooth surface of the moving and static grid plate group The floating objects in the water are intercepted, and the outlet of the grille slag discharge is slowly raised step by step to achieve the purpose of blocking dirt and slag removal.

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