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Instructions for correct selection of gate hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-08-16

Do you know how to choose the gate hoist? Choosing the right gate opening and closing opportunities will make your project more solid. Let's take a look at the selection of gate hoists with the editor.

The gate hoist is also called the gate hoist, and there are many types, most of which are named gate operation equipment based on its general characteristics, such as screw hoist, chain hoist, hoist hoist, hydraulic Hoist, trolley hoist, door hoist, fixed hoist, mobile hoist, etc.

The gate hoist can be classified according to different characteristics: according to the operating power, it can be divided into manpower, electric power and hydraulic power.

According to the nature of the operation of the gate, it can be divided into operation gate, maintenance gate and incident gate.

According to the power transmission method, it can be divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. Mechanical transmission is divided into belt transmission, chain transmission, gear transmission and combined transmission. Hydraulic transmission can be divided into hydraulic transmission and hydraulic transmission.

According to the device status of the gate hoist, it can be divided into fixed and mobile. China often names gate hoists after this classification. According to the connection method of gate and hoist, it can be divided into flexible, rigid and semi-rigid connection. According to the characteristics of the gate, it is divided into flat gate hoist, radial gate hoist and miter gate operating machinery. The gate hoist is related to the normal operation of hydraulic structures. It is a large-scale hydraulic machinery product. In addition to satisfying the planning requirements of general hoisting machinery, safe and reliable operation and sensitive and convenient operation have special meanings.

Attention should be paid to the installation, and the concrete of the sluice trough should be chiseled before installation to reveal the embedded steel bars. The measurement and release of control point lines uniformly use the control lines used in hydraulic construction. The datum lines of the gate device include: the center line of the gate hole, the bottom sill, and the height control line of the door lintel. All center lines, points, and elevations are marked with red paint in a position that can be cited and not easily destroyed, and clear signs are selected and warned and protected.

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