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What are the production processes of the cleaning machine?

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-09-06

The production of the cleaning machine is carried out according to the following processing technology:

Preparing the project construction in advance → construction setting out → cutting material → cleaning machine tailor welding → effect correction → anti-corrosion → project acceptance.

1. The material opening standard of the cleaning machine should be left enough to gather the capacity, shorten the amount f=1mm/m, and integrate the various adjustments of the engineering construction specifications. The symmetrical electric welding should also be used for the cleaning and electromechanical welding. The effect can be the hydraulic machine effect and the mechanical effect can be used to make it consider the standard rules. After the production of the parts of the cleaning machine, the joint of the butt weld is milled into a weld with a milling machine to facilitate the installation of electric welding.

2. Assembling: Assembling must be carried out on a service platform that meets the rules. When assembling, strictly control the form and position error. Namely: the symmetry of the flange plate to the web plate ≤ 1.5mm. The slope of the flange plate to the web plate is ≤1.5mm. After the assembly of the prefabricated components is completed, after passing the inspector's review, the butt welding can be fixed. Butt welding must be butt welded by a declared electric welder with a special work permit, and the welding process requirements shall not be less than the declared electric welding welding process rules.

3. Electric welding: electric welding of embedded parts beam body adopts submerged arc automatic electric welding, which is a key element that harms the formation and quality of arc welding. Rich kinetic energy, joint construction methods, standards, construction skills and welding material characteristics, so electric welding At this time, the key is to adjust the welding current, the working voltage of the electric isolation, and control the main parameters such as the welding rate, the welding seam standard, the welding gap, and the electrode diameter.

Hand welding is used for other welding. When hand welding, the main parameters of the suitable processing technology should be selected. The strip must be unfolded according to the specification, and the surface wave pattern must be symmetrical; at the end, arc craters must be prevented, parallel lines welded to the edge, circular welding or The joints of square welding heads and tails must be rounded without over-width or dents.

4. Marginal solution: All the margins of the embedded parts are solved by milling machine equipment to ensure the quality of installation.

5. Anti-corrosion of the cleaning machine: After the embedded parts are formed, they are unfolded and repaired and transported to the anti-corrosion place for anti-corrosion solutions, and the actual processing technology is detailed zinc spraying anti-corrosion processing technology.

6. Finished product accumulation protection: After the pre-embedded parts have passed the inspection and acceptance, they should be transported to the finished product area for signs, neatly stacked, and protected to prevent deformation and hazards during transportation and the entire process of stacking.

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