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Screw hoist installation, debugging and maintenance

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-09-11

1. Be sure to keep the foundation layout plane horizontal at 180°; the contact area between the base of the hoist and the foundation layout plane should reach more than 90%; the screw axis should be vertical to the horizontal plane measured on the gate; it should be perpendicular to the gate ear hole to avoid The screw is inclined, causing local stress and damage to the machine parts.

2. Place the gate hoist in the installation position. Put a limit disc on the screw and screw the screw into the hoist from the lower part of the beam. When the screw is exposed from the top of the hoist, set the limit disc. The bottom of the screw is connected with the gate.

3. The basic building installation of hoist must be stable and safe. The concrete of the machine base and basic components shall be poured according to the drawings. When the concrete strength does not reach the design strength, the temporary support of the hoist is not allowed to be removed and changed, and no trial adjustment and trial operation are allowed.

4. Install the hoist according to the hoisting center line of the gate, and align the center so that the vertical and horizontal center line deviation does not exceed plus or minus 3mm, and the elevation deviation does not exceed plus or minus 5mm. Then the second-stage concrete is poured or connected with the embedded steel plate.

5. The installation of the electrical equipment of the gate hoist complies with the requirements of the drawings and instructions, and all electrical equipment are reliably grounded.

6. After each hoist is installed, clean the hoist, repair the damaged protective paint, and fill with grease.

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