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Test run inspection standard after installation of hydraulic hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-07-22

After the water conservancy hoist device is completed, it cannot be used directly. It must be successfully tested before it can go online. During the trial operation, there are mainly two centers. One is the no-load experiment operation, and the other is the load experiment operation. Each experiment has related specifications. As long as these specifications are met, the hydraulic hoist can be used normally. The reference specifications for these two major experiments ceased to be summarized.

Load test of hydraulic hoist

In the load test of hydraulic hoist, the gate should be lifted and lowered twice in the full stroke of the gate slot in no water or static water; for the working gate of moving water opening and closing or the accident gate of moving water closing and static water opening, hydraulic engineering should be started at the design head Under the condition of lifting twice, the fast gate at the outlet of the pumping station should be subjected to a full stroke fast closing experiment under the design head dynamic water condition. The following electrical and mechanical parts should be checked during the load test:

1. The motor should run smoothly, the three-phase current unbalance should not be greater than ±10%, and the current value should be measured.

2. There should be no abnormal heating of electrical equipment.

3. All maintenance, installation and signals should be accurate and reliable.

4. All mechanical parts should have no impact noise during operation, and the open gear meshing conditions should meet the requirements.

5. The brake should be free of slippage, burnt smell and smoke.

6. The readings of the load indicator and the height indicator should accurately reflect the opening and closing force values ​​of the gate at different opening degrees, and the error should not exceed ±5%.

7. Regarding the fast opening time of the fast gate hoist shall not exceed 2min; the fast closing speed shall not exceed 5m/min; the large speed of the motor (or speed governor) shall not exceed twice the rated speed of the motor. The high temperature of the friction surface of the centrifugal governor shall not exceed 200℃. When using the DC power supply to release the brake, the high temperature of the solenoid coil shall not exceed 100°C.

8. After the experiment is completed, each part of the mechanism shall not be broken, permanently deformed, loosened or damaged.

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