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Must know which daily care of hoisting hoist should not be underestimated

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-07-25

1. Maintenance and management of hydraulic oil for hoisting hoist

Hydraulic oil is an important part of the hoist hoist, and it is also a vulnerable part. Most of the faults of hydraulic hoists are related to hydraulic oil. Avoiding hydraulic oil pollution and replenishing hydraulic oil in time is the center of hydraulic oil management. 1) The filtration of hydraulic oil before and after the flood season. Hydraulic hoist is often used in flood season. In order to avoid the wear of the particulate matter in the hydraulic oil causing the failure of the hoist components, the water pipe unit should be fully filtered during the flood season. The use of gourds in the flood season will inevitably cause various dust and impurities to enter the system. Therefore, the water management department should filter again after the flood season is over to keep the pollutants in the oil at a low level to ensure that the hoist is used normally during the non-flood season. 2) Supplement and change hydraulic oil. Leakage of the system and equipment maintenance will lead to a lack of hydraulic oil. Long-term use of hydraulic oil will cause a drop in oil quality. The hydraulic oil should be changed when it is emulsified or degenerated. The replacement and supplement of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic hoist of the Jiangfengkou flood diversion gate are operated by the construction unit. The new filter oil is replaced by hydraulic oil. After the original hydraulic oil is exhausted, the oil tank is cleaned with new oil. When cleaning the fuel tank, you can wipe it with a vinyl sponge, and then use a dough made of flour and water to clean the fuel tank thoroughly. After the oil change is completed, the no-load trial operation and opening and closing operation experiments of the hoist should also be stopped.

2. Maintenance of seals of hoisting hoist system

Another important maintenance item for hoist hoist is sealing. Seal failure will cause hydraulic oil leakage and pollution, reduce the efficiency of the hydraulic hoist, and affect the safety and operation of the system. When the seal of the hoist does not work, it may also burst, endangering the safety of the operator. Seal maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects: Engineering management personnel strictly use the hoist in accordance with the operating procedures to prevent damage to the system seal caused by human factors; ensure the cleanliness of the system and reduce the damage to the seal by dirt; enhance the cylinder seal and support Wait for the inspection of thin parts to ensure that they will not break. Wear, abrasion and other conditions to prevent seal failure; strictly abide by the operation process to ensure the accuracy of the device, add smoothing agent in time to reduce wear and device resistance; seal rings and other seal spare parts should be properly stored in the environment required by the standard to extend the spare parts Service life.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance of hoist hoist

There is no clear industry standard for the regular inspection and maintenance of the hoist hoist, and the operation standard is mainly based on the engineering practice. The main objects of regular inspection and maintenance of the Jiangfengkou flood diversion gate are vulnerable parts, various instruments and pipeline welding points. The main vulnerable parts are soft seals, door openers, high-pressure hoses, and wire insulation and sealing pipe joints. The instrument includes solenoid valve, pressure valve and pressure relay. Pipeline welding points mainly refer to pipe threads, welding joints and tank welding points. During the inspection, the corresponding inspection wrist should be added. At important time points, site experiments should be organized, and maintenance plans and plans should be sensitively adjusted based on the results.

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