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Maintenance and maintenance of gate hoist

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Frequent stopping of necessary maintenance operations can reduce wear and tear, eliminate hidden dangers and defects, and insist that the equipment is always in a good technical condition to extend the service life, reduce operating costs, and ensure safe and reliable operation.

Maintenance content technology: including "cleaning, tightening, adjusting, smoothing" eight-character work.

Cleaning is for the surface of the gate hoist, the inside and the circumferential surface of the brake wheel, the electrical contacts, the contact surface of the electromagnet and the surrounding environment, and the cleaning is stopped regularly. The doors and windows inside and outside the hoist room are cleaned once a week, and the tools and utensils on the site should be arranged in time and placed uniformly.

Tightening is to stop the tightening of threaded pipe joints and gland bolts for sealing in the pressure oil system to avoid loosening and oil leakage; various positioning bolts, high-strength bolts, wire rope compression bolts, and spreaders for foundations, flanges, etc. If the connecting bolts stop tightening, if they become loose, the force and movement of the connected parts will be changed, and it will constitute a hidden danger of accident.


① Adjust the matching clearance between the bearing bush and the journal, the rolling bearing, the top and side clearance of the gear meshing, and the brake release clearance between the brake shoe and the brake wheel.

②Stop adjusting the brake release stroke, clutch clutch stroke, safety limit switch limit stroke and gate opening and closing position indication stroke.

③Adjust the looseness of rotating belts, chains, etc. and the elasticity of springs. ④Adjust current, voltage, braking torque, flow pressure and speed of hoist.

Smoothness: For the relative moving parts in the hoisting equipment, it is necessary to maintain good smoothness.

Maintenance maintenance is an important part of the operation and management of gate hoist. The maintenance of gate hoist should be based on the principle of "safety is one, prevention first". It must be "frequent maintenance, maintenance at any time, maintenance rather than repair, and maintenance". Yu grabs."

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