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Where is the reservoir gate generally located on the water and what are the points of attention?

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Under the circumstances of huge reduction in emission reduction, Mr. Cao Guangjing's "Hydropower is not flawless, but prioritized selection" is still a necessary choice to deal with my country's energy conservation and emission reduction at that time.Reservoir gateIt is responsible for the adjustment of the water level in the reservoir area of ​​the hydropower plant and the important role of flood discharge during the flood. The height of the gate is the decisive factor for controlling the water flow, so it is necessary to measure the height of the gate more accurately. So how accurate measurement has broad application prospects. The LDM4X sensor is installed at the bottom of the gate. Because of the long-range characteristics of the LDM4X sensor, it can measure the entire height of the gate or even longer distances. Using the up and down movement of the gate, the sensor can follow the gate to measure the distance from the bottom of the gate to a fixed point at the upper end of the gate, so that the height of the gate can be changed, and then the moving height of the gate can be controlled in real time.

1. Pay attention to gate operation

① The electric gate hoist should pay close attention to the direction of operation, avoid reversal and cause accidents, and block the power after the opening and closing. When the discharge tower gate is opened, it should be manually opened to a certain height first to avoid damage to the opening and closing gate and other equipment due to the power phase change, and accidents.

② If abnormal conditions such as heavy weight, blockage, jamming, noise, etc. occur during the opening and closing of the gate, stop in time to check the cause and deal with it.

③If the operating direction of the gate needs to be changed during the operation of the gate, the vehicle should be parked first and then run in the opposite direction; all gates with definite equipment should be confirmed immediately after opening and closing.

④ After the gate is opened, check the opening height carefully, check the upstream and downstream flow patterns, check the braking equipment, and block the power supply.

2. Do daily maintenance and repair operations to ensure that the gate and opening and closing equipment are intact.

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