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How to prevent water leakage in the gate?

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-06-14

1. Water leakage treatment measures for hydraulic flat steel gates

① Water leakage caused by the deformation of the waterstop rubber can be replaced. The installation of the waterstop rubber should be in accordance with industry standards and technical specifications.

②Realize the scientific and rationalization of scheduling, and minimizeReservoir gateThe number of switches and closures. The use of hoisting equipment requires the operation of professional and technical personnel, and requires accurate positioning of the dam crest gate machine and a center connection with the gate to prevent wrong operations. ③Remove debris, oil stains, sand and gravel around the water stop in time, and polish and anti-corrosion treatment on the rough metal surface in contact with the water stop. The installation of the water stop shall be carried out in strict accordance with industry standards and technical specifications. After the installation is completed, a full range of inspections and technical tests shall be carried out, and the use of the standard can be used.

2. Measures to prevent water leakage of the curved steel gate

①The replacement of the water-stop rubber cannot be based on the size of the old material. The actual size of the gate is measured and cut according to the actual size of the gate at the present stage. The extension of the water-stop rubber can be made by hot-pressing glue, which requires strict temperature control to prevent production. The occurrence of glue and coking. The bolts should be closely fitted with the water stop rubber to avoid water seepage gaps.

②In view of the rust problem of metal components, the water facing surface of the door should be ground, rust removed and sandblasted, and reasonable techniques should be used to re-spray or paint zinc for anti-corrosion treatment.

③Severe abrasion of the side water stop causes water leakage. The gate piers can be treated with anti-carbonization to carefully clean the residual contaminants in the door groove, and use abrasive materials to smooth the rough and uneven groove surface.

④Professional diving cleaners are equipped to clean up the pollutants near the gate in time. For cleaning projects that cannot be achieved by personnel, professional mechanical equipment can be used to cooperate to keep the vicinity of the gate clean.

⑤The water leakage caused by the deflection of the gate and the blocking phenomenon when the gate is started indicates that there is a large internal stress in the operation of the gate. It is necessary to perform timely braking and find the cause. The possible reasons are generally that there is a gap in the hinge connection and the gate The shape and position error of the two dumplings, the welding stress and deformation of the support arm structure caused by the processing and welding, and the installation error of the side rail, etc., can be adjusted to the theory by adjusting the bottom water stop position and adding an eccentric bearing after the support hinge is expanded. Design location.

⑥ Water leakage caused by long-term water jetting at the door corner and the contact between the door bottom sill and the side rail to form a smooth flush pocket, can be chiseled and dried, anchored and laid with steel wire mesh, and tamped with epoxy fine stone concrete Wipe off.

3. Measures to prevent water leakage of plane reinforced concrete gates

①Because of the special use of reinforced concrete gates, attention should be paid to the special requirements of anti-seepage and anti-freezing and high steel density. The choice of cement should be based on industry standards and hydrological characteristics. Choose suitable Portland cement according to experimental design and use specifications For the yellow sand and gravel with hard texture, the proportioning effect should maintain good fluidity and workability.

②The template needs to use wood template with good thickness and rigidity, and ribs and supports are added to the plate to prevent mold expansion from occurring. The vibrating speed should be reasonable and cooperate with the use of the vibrating rod to ensure that the vibrating is dense and without gaps. Strict curing should be carried out according to the curing standards of concrete, and anti-freezing and heat preservation measures should be taken during construction in winter. Before the gate enters the slot, check the depth and width of the gate slot, and make appropriate corrections according to the high standards of flatness, perpendicularity and flatness.

③The assembling surface of the door panel should be polished and smooth. Rubber water stop and mortar can be used as the joint material. The assembling accuracy should be high. If the error is found, the wedge plate should be used to adjust in time.

④The iron components of the gate include the lifting ribs, the measuring pulley, and the main pulley, which need to be adjusted in detail between the steel plate pad roller support and the door body. After the gate is installed, correct the position of the hoisting point of the hoist. Use a highly accurate measuring tool to measure the distance between the door body and the inside of the two door slots to ensure that the hoisting point is completely centered, and mark it, and then carry out the hoist Fixed installation.

⑤ Formulate detailed gate safety operation management regulations and systems, arrange for professionals to carry out regular gate maintenance work, the oiling of the rollers should be meticulous and in place, and regularly measure whether the hoisting point position of the hoist is kept in the center, and the gate body and various The accessories shall be inspected in time, and any damage shall be reported and replaced in time.

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