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The working principle and introduction of road machine door integrated gate

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The motor must reverse the running force. Through the transmission of the coupling, the wire rope can be retracted or released in the spiral groove, so that the gate can be raised and lowered, and the effect of opening and closing is achieved. The communication brake can make the gate stay in any desired position and leak electricity. , Compact structure, large carrying capacity, stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and reasonable planning. It can be used to block water flow, control water level, adjust flow, discharge sediment and floats, etc.

(1) According to the production data, there are mainly wooden gates, wood-panel steel frame gates, cast iron gates, reinforced concrete gates and steel gates.

(2) Divided according to the relative position of the top of the gate and the horizontal plane, there are mainly exposed gates and submerged gates.

(3) According to the way of supporting hinge shaft, it is divided into cylindrical hinge, conical hinge, spherical hinge and double cylindrical hinge arc gate,

(4) According to the structure of the door leaf, it can be divided into main longitudinal beam type and main beam type arc gate, etc. (called reverse arc gate under back water pressure). The arc gate installation method: the arc gate does not have a door slot, open and close With small force and good hydraulic conditions, it is widely used as working gates on various types of waterways. Product Overview Energy-saving side-opening clasp (also known as: energy-saving irrigation and drainage flood control valve) is currently a valve for irrigation and drainage pumping stations. Hanging clasps and floating box clasps are widely used. This type of clasp has a small opening angle. , The water flow resistance is large, the power loss is too large and other shortcomings, we achieve the purpose of reducing the opening resistance of the buckle door and automatically closing according to the principles of mechanics.

The installation sequence of the arc gate (steel gate) is divided into the following two types according to the different water stop devices:

1. Use stamping water seals on the side rails to stop water. The sequence of installations is the device supporting the beam, the fixed hinge and the hoist frame device, the door body device, the hoist device, the hoist joint operation, and the embedded parts Device,

2. Use the rubber beside the door leaf to stop water.

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