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What types of gates can be made into reservoir gates according to the width of the river channel and what are the precautions?

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  Reservoir gateWhich gate types can be made according to the width of the river channel?

1: The cross section of the gate is the same width as the channel; the super wide type can be made into a double lifting point opening and closing.

2: Strong adaptability to the depth of the path; simple structure; convenient installation features.

3: The sealing plate is equipped with rubber seal, which has good water stopping performance.

4. It can be equipped with manual or flashlight screw hoist. Product use: BQZM channel steel gate is widely used in water supply and drainage engineering to intercept the water flow in the channel. Its working medium is raw water, clean water and sewage at room temperature.

Precautions for gate device:

1. Before the gate device, first check whether the bolts of each connecting part are loose due to transportation and handling. If there is looseness, they should be tightened.

2. Check whether the water stop surface on the connection between the main vertical frame and the horizontal frame is misaligned. If it is misaligned, loosen the connecting bolts to adjust the water stop surface in the same plane.

3. When installing the gate, the overall positioning device should be used, and the gate frame and gate split device shall be prohibited to avoid deformation of the gate frame.

4. Before the second stage of pouring, hoist the gate as a whole and find the correct position of the front, back, left and right, and then adjust the bolts and the engineering steel bars to weld firmly.

5. Before the gate leaves the factory, in order to make the gate and the gate frame fit tighter, the gap is reduced after the installation. For gates over 2 meters, the upper and lower horizontal frames are equipped with pressing plate irons, and the inclined irons of the vertical frames are increased. wire. Note that after adjusting the gap, remove the top wire on the card iron and the inclined iron to make the gate open and close.

6. When pouring concrete, the mortar flowing into the gaps of the gate, the gate frame, the inclined iron, and the baffle should be removed to prevent the solidification of the mortar from affecting the opening and closing. Clean up the site, locate and set the line, and use steel sheet piles or I-steel for support to enter the site together → manually take soil and determine the position of the underground pipeline (to avoid mechanical excavation and damage the pipeline and cause adverse effects on the project) → carry out the steel sheet pile installation, and Reinforce → excavate the earth above the top of the pipe to expose the pipe → remove the pipe → hoist the caisson in place → pull out the water in the caisson, and excavate the earth together (mechanical or manual) → lower the caisson to the design elevation, and extract the water in the caisson. Remove the silt in the caisson → pour the base of the gate well bottom → install and fix the steel gate well → remove the caisson → align and fix the gate well and the pipeline, and fix it → pour the concrete around the gate well and the pipeline → construct the gate groove The upper structure of the well → backfilling of earthwork → making the weighted cover plate on the top of the gate well → rehabilitation of the road floor and surrounding walls around the gate well → completion of construction. Xinhe County Kangyu Hydraulic Machinery Factory introduces advanced foreign technology to produce steel gates. The primary material is steel or sprayed with epoxy coatings, and rubber soft seals. Its light weight, flexible operation, convenient device maintenance, reliable sealing and other functions are available. It is widely used in sewage treatment plants, waterworks, irrigation and drainage, environmental protection, electric power, ponds and weirs, rivers and other projects to cut off, adjust flow and control water level.

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