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The general performance and how to manage the screw hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-06-14

  HoistThere are many types of screw hoists, and each type of screw hoist has different functions. According to the analysis of screw hoist manufacturers: screw hoist is a more widely used hoist for small and medium gates in hydraulic buildings in irrigation areas.

It is a simple and reliable opening and closing device that can generate door opening force and appropriately generate some door closing force according to the supporting condition of the screw. Its operating characteristics are: the lower end of the screw is connected with the gate, and the upper end of the screw is engaged with the load-bearing nut by the thread. When the load-bearing nut is driven by external force to rotate through the gear or worm gear connected to it, it drives the screw to move vertically. , And then open and close the gate.

When the gate is opened, the screw receives a pulling force. This larger applied pulling force indicates the ability of the screw screw hoist. For example, a 5t screw type screw hoist means that the screw type screw hoist has a larger applied pulling force of 5t .

Introduction of the screw hoist manufacturer: When closing the gate, the screw can exert pressure on the gate. From the calculation of the opening and closing force of the gate, it can be known that the value of the closing force is generally less than the opening force. For example, the calculation of the opening of a certain gate If the door force is 5t and the closing force is 3tf, a 5t screw type screw hoist is used, and its closing force is required to be 3tf. But generally, the pressure of the screw should be calculated according to the pressure of 3tf.

How to manage the gate of the gate hoist In order to do a good job in the gate management of the gate hoist, the guidelines are defined. The entry and exit gates of the reservoir project are managed by dedicated personnel. Gate management operations implement a 24-hour duty system. The gate management personnel are responsible for completing the security operations of the gate opening and closing machine room, gate and affiliated facilities; undertaking the completion of the cleaning and sanitation operations of the gate opening and closing machine room and hoisting equipment; completing the gate opening and closing operations; completing the maintenance of the hoist and gate equipment operation. Before the flood every year, the gate must be overhauled and commissioned, including replacement of the gate water seal, rust removal of the gate, and oiling of the steel wire rope.

Check all mechanical parts, fastening bolts of connecting parts, various protection devices, lubrication and oil filling conditions, etc. Check individual components, all power circuits and operating circuits in the electrical circuit to ensure that the wiring is correct and regular. Check the gate body and the transmission part of the hoist for blocking objects and all debris. The gate management personnel shall be responsible for the overhaul operations, make a good record of the operation, deal with the problems in time, ensure the normal operation of the gate, the opening and closing equipment and the subordinates, and report to it in time. If you find that you are unable to deal with the problem, you should report it promptly, otherwise the relevant personnel will be held accountable for adverse consequences.

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