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The difference between hoist and hydraulic screw hoist

Edit:Xinertai Hydraulic MachineryUpDate:2019-06-14

We divide the operating power of the screw hoist shed into human screw hoist, electric hoist, and hydraulic hoist.

1. According to the power transmission method of the hoist, it can be divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. Mechanical transmission is divided into belt transmission, chain transmission, gear transmission and combined transmission. Hydraulic transmission can be divided into hydraulic transmission and hydraulic transmission, which is also hydraulic hoist.

2. The connection method between the gate and the rear closed machine can be divided into flexible' rigid and semi-rigid connection.

3. The characteristic categories of gates are divided into flat gate hoist, arc gate closed machine and herringbone gate operation m/u ring, etc.

4. Generally, we also name the operating equipment of the gate as follows, such as screw hoist' chain hoist' hoisting type rear closing machine, hydraulic hoist, trolley type hoist Machine, gate hoist (crane), etc.

5. According to the connection method between gate and hoist, it can be divided into flexible, rigid and semi-rigid connection. According to the characteristics of the gate, it is divided into flat gate hoist, arc gate hoist and herringbone gate operating machinery. Mainly include: cast iron gate, high pressure cast iron gate, double-sided water stop gate, flat sliding steel gate, flat fixed wheel Steel gates, copper-inlaid cast iron square gates, copper-inlaid cast iron round gates, adjustable weir gates, flap gates (tidal gates), integrated machine gates, arc gates, stacked beam gates, stainless steel gates, etc. It is generally used to name the operating equipment of the gate with its comprehensive characteristics, such as screw hoist, chain hoist, hoist hoist, hydraulic hoist, trolley hoist, door hoist Machine (crane) etc.

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