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Instructions for use of the gate

1. Overview The gate is a non-return valve product, which is mainly installed at the end of the drainage pipe to avoid the ingress of external water. The raw materials are divided into stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron and other materials.

This product is a one-way valve installed at the outlet of the drainage pipe by the river. When the tide level of the river is higher than the outlet pipe, and the pressure is greater than the pressure in the pipe, the gate panel is automatically closed to prevent the river tide from flowing back into the drainage pipe. This product is a product developed by our company. The product is subject to the Q/TF-B2771 professional technical standard; the test is carried out according to the test requirements of GB/T13927; the nominal pressure (PN) of the equipment: 0.25-1.6Mpa; the nominal diameter (DN): 200-2000mm.

2. Uses The buckle door is suitable for overflow and check of various pipelines and water channels of water supply and drainage and sewage treatment projects, and can also be used as a variety of shaft covers. It is only used for one-way water outlets.

3. Structural features: The gate has the function of opening the flow channel in one direction and closing in the reverse direction.Reservoir gateWith the help of the balancing effect of its own counterweight, the valve cover actively opens or closes the door leaf under the action of water flow, or opens or closes the door leaf with a little external force; the buckle door cover is equipped with a pull ring to pull the pull ring. The opening point of view of the cover should be greater than 60 degrees, and there should be no jamming. The switch should be free and sensitive. When the buckle door is partially immersed in the water, the internal pressure of the pipeline is relatively large, and the reverse pressure is small, the buckle door allows partial leakage. When it increases, the buckle door will actively close and seal.

Fourth, the use of the gate device and precautions:

1. The gate device can be connected with the flange, can be welded with the embedded plate, or cast twice;

2. During the use of the floating box buckle door, the specific gravity of the door leaf can be changed by filling or draining water into the sealing cavity of the door leaf to achieve the opening effect.

3. After the gate is installed, a gap of about 3mm between the door seat and the door leaf is normal. When the door leaf receives a certain reverse pressure, the gap will be reduced and disappear.

4. During the use of the gate, the flow channel and sealing ring should not be blocked by rocks, branches and other debris, which will affect the sealing effect.

5. Regularly clean up the deposits in the grit chamber under the buckle door, and insist that the buckle door lug holes and hinge shafts are smooth and open and sensitive.

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