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Open steel door on one side
Open steel door on one side

The energy-saving side-turning shutter door is a shutter door in which the shutter door axis is arranged vertically and at the same time tilted inward to a certain angle.

In order to reduce energy consumption and improve pumping station operation efficiency, the style of the shutter door has succeeded in an energy-saving, free-turning shutter door with a large opening angle and low water flow resistance. Based on the principles of mechanics, the horizontal shaft of the originally suspended shutter door Change to a vertical door shaft and tilt the door with a good inclination angle inward. At this time, the opening force that the door body has to restrain is only the component of the door body's own weight, so the energy-saving and free rollover type door can be opened. When it reaches a larger opening angle, it can reduce water flow resistance and save energy. The energy-saving free rollover clap door is composed of door panel, door hinge, door seat, coaxial and sealing parts, etc. The door panel is installed on the door seat through the door hinge.

Main technical characteristics of energy-saving rollover shutter door

1. It can open and close automatically without any opening and closing installation. The energy-saving free roll-over slap door has remarkable characteristics compared with the suspended slap door: the valve body hinge axis is arranged vertically, and a good inclination angle is designed, and the door is divided into force as the driving force for closing the door, no matter how large or No opening and closing installation is required for medium and small diameter doors. 2. Safe and stable, energy saving and high efficiency. The energy-saving free rollover flapping door has low resistance during operation, large opening angle, low impact force when closing the door, eliminating water hammer and vortex generated when water is discharged; no need for hand, electricity, gas, and liquid control, no manual operation, saving A large amount of manpower and material resources improve the reliability of pumping station operation and installation efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and reduce pump station energy consumption.

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