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Integral steel gate
Integral steel gate

Steel gates are now widely used practical equipment for many water conservancy projects, and they have made due contributions to the saving of water resources. It also shows that the current high-tech development is rapid and very good. Promote the performance of more practical values.

1. The anti-wear properties of the steel gate equipment and the ability to resist scratches are strong

2. The pressure self-tight seal is used inside, and the two ends of the valve body branch pipe are welded.

3. The steel gate cover is made of cobalt-based cemented carbide plasma spray welding, which has good wear resistance and scratch resistance.

4. After the surface of the steel gate is treated, it has a greater improvement in the function of anti-corrosion and anti-wear, making it more practical under the advancement of existing technology.

The design requirements of the steel structure DTH welded flat steel gate of hydraulic machinery, the steel gate has the advantages of sensitive opening and closing, small opening force, large water-retaining area, etc., and has been widely used in larger water intake and discharge projects. Engineering steel gate design specification. The project discussed the design mechanism of hydraulic machinery steel gate and theoretically discussed its optimization design method.

Steel gates are currently used in engineering and are extremely extensive equipment. In the rational use of information technology, it also shows the special skill concept and original thinking method of design.

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