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Automatic grabbing beam and stacking beam gate
Automatic grabbing beam and stacking beam gate

Gates, trash racks and hoisting equipment of water diversion and power generation system:

1 When the unit or pressure water pipeline requires the gate for incidental maintenance, the inlet of the post-dam power station and the inlet of the pressure pipeline of the diversion power station should be equipped with fast gates and inspection gates. For diversion-type power stations with long diversion channels, it is advisable to install incident gates at the entrance of the diversion channel.

When the unit is equipped with anti-runaway devices in river channel power stations, incident gates and overhaul gates should be set at its water inlet. The siphon water inlet should be equipped with an air supplement valve on the top of the siphon.

2 The closing time of the fast gate should meet the maintenance requirements for the unit or pressure pipeline, and its descending speed should not be greater than 5M/MIN when it is close to the bottom threshold. The fast gate hoist shall be capable of local operation and remote operation, and shall adopt dual-circuit power supply operating power and opening indicating controller.

3 For the inlet inspection gates of the post-dam and river channel hydropower stations, one fan can be installed within 4 units, and more than 4 units can be added. The hoisting equipment should be mobile hoist. The hoist can be shared with the overhaul gate of the drainage system when the hub placement permits.

4 The gate in the surge chamber should be studied on the impact of surges on the parking and operation of the gate.

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