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Automatic flap gate
Automatic flap gate

Features of flap gate

1. Common principle, wonderful effect, simple structure, convenient manufacturing and safe operation. The flap gates of various sizes and performances can be planned according to the requirements of the gate height, gate width, starting water level, and return water level required by users.

2. Reliable operation, simple maintenance, reasonable cost, and the investment is significantly lower than the conventional gate.

3. Because it can accurately and actively control the water level, it is unique in the rational use and use of water resources, and can completely solve the problem of increasing sedimentation of river channel sediments year by year.

Use of hydraulic automatic control flap gate

1. It is used in the spillway of the reservoir; it can actively adjust the storage capacity, play the great benefit of the reservoir, and ensure the safety of the reservoir. Practice has proved that its function is beyond the reach of general conventions.

2. Used in hydropower stations; according to the local hydrological conditions, the reserved flood height can be effectively used to increase the water head; the sand in the reservoir is actively washed away to ensure the service life of the reservoir and achieve great economic benefits of the power station.

3. Used for shipping and farmland irrigation; it can actively adjust the water level to meet the navigable water depth and irrigation water needs.

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