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Hydraulic lower gate
Hydraulic lower gate

Plane sliding steel gate

Regarding gate maintenance, our factory puts forward the following requirements and hopes that the factory will pay attention to this. 1. Due to the impact of waves, the steel gate will vibrate. Anti-wave grids and rows can be added to the gate of the device to reduce the impact strength of waves; the vibration of the gate caused by the leakage of the water stop can adjust the position of the water stop, or replace the scale of other water control materials, so that the two can be in close contact. It is useful for tremor caused by falling water stop. 2. Under the condition of high flow rate water, the water structure surface changes due to the change of the built-over water section, and the lack of water vapor in the drainage structure causes cavitation in the gate groove and embedded parts. The solution is to use cavitation materials to reinforce the parts that have been cavitation, and ensure that the water section is as flat as possible.

Gate production: ①Before construction, prepare the production process flow according to the detailed construction drawings and technical specifications; ②The gate production process flow: lofting → marking → panel splicing → top and bottom beam orientation fixation → side beam fixation → beam lower wing plate Fixed web→fixed the other side beam→fixed the upper wing plate of the main beam→spot welding of the longitudinal beam of the B-B section→spot welding of the longitudinal beam of the C-C section→fixed the secondary beam→welded the hanger→reinforced spot welding→symmetrical welding of the back grid→gate Turn over in blocks→All-round welding of panel and back panel.

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