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Lower hydraulic brake
Lower hydraulic brake

The gate relates to a steel dam gate and belongs to the technical field of gates. The present invention is an improvement to the existing steel structure gate structure. The bottom shaft is rigidly connected to the bottom side of the door leaf, and the bottom shaft is connected to the two ends of the bottom shaft. Transmission parts of connecting rods or gears or sector gears, when equipment, the two ends of the bottom shaft of the present invention are respectively placed in the support, and the connecting rod is swayed under the action of the corresponding driving equipment, or the gears or sector gears are rotated, and then driven The bottom shaft rotates within a certain viewing point range to make the door leaf fan-shaped movement to achieve the purpose of controlling the water level. The present invention has a simple structure and reliable function. It constitutes the scenic function of an artificial waterfall. It uses nature without damaging it. It can not only deal with the conflict between flood control and water storage in urban rivers, but also help protect the ecological environment.

The utility model adopts the above design, the hydraulic hoist drives the bottom horizontal shaft to rotate through the starting arm, and then drives the gate to make an arc movement, and the opening point of view of the gate is controlled by the determining device. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, reliable function, and can be applied to water, flood, artificial waterfall, etc.

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