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Hydraulic lifting dam
Hydraulic lifting dam

Hydraulic lifting dam is a kind of construction used for lowering the dam and flooding. Working principle

1. Choose a row of hydraulic cylinders to directly top the back of the movable dam surface with the bottom as the axis to complete the intention of raising the dam to intercept water and lower the dam to discharge floods.

2. Select a row of sliding support rods to support the reverse side of the movable dam surface (Note: The H-shaped movable double rod support is selected in the project photos, and the sliding single rod support is used for future projects to be more firm) to form a stable supporting pier.

3. The use of linkage steel hinge line plate moving positioning pin constitutes the mutual exchange of support piers and dams fixed and movable, reaching the intention of fixed water retention and movable lowering of the dam.

4. Choose a buoy switch to control and operate the hydraulic system to reach unmanned management, and complete the active lifting of the active dam surface according to the fluctuation of the flood.

Chinese name

Hydraulic lifting dam

Working principle

Intent to lower the dam and flood the flood

Revolutionary effect

Hydraulic lifting dam


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