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Hydraulic upturn gate
Hydraulic upturn gate

Quotations for fixed-wheel steel gates and flat sliding steel gates. How much do you know about gates? , The company's various water conservancy products are flexible, durable, well-closed, and highly automatic. They are ideal supporting mechanical equipment for water conservancy projects. Xinhe Shuoyang Water Conservancy Machinery will cooperate happily with new and old customers with sincerity, integrity, and high efficiency!

Plane fixed wheel steel gate

The flat fixed-wheel steel gate accepts a large water head, and the shape and specifications are not restricted. The flat fixed-wheel steel gate is widely used in hydropower, municipal construction, water supply and drainage, aquaculture, agricultural water conservancy construction and other projects. The steel gate is mainly made of steel plate. It is made by welding the base material. The gate is corrosion-resistant and can be sealed with rubber to stop water. It has a good sealing function. The gate can be equipped with grooved pulleys and positioning wheels according to the increase of water head to reduce frictional resistance and facilitate lifting and closing. Structural features of flat fixed-wheel steel gate: This equipment is mainly composed of door frame, gate, sealing ring and adjustable wedge-shaped pressing block. After the steel gate is worn for a long time, its sealing surface can be adjusted by wedge-shaped pressing block to ensure normal operation. It has a reasonable and stable structure, strong wear and corrosion resistance, and reliable functions. Features such as installation, adjustment, use, and maintenance convenience.

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