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Hydraulic upturn cement gate
Hydraulic upturn cement gate

Thin-shell structures include prismatic shells (folded plates), spherical shells, cylindrical shells and hyperbolic flat shells. Applicable gate types include straight-up plane gates, arc gates, fan gates and herringbone gates. Steel mesh cement is a mixture of steel mesh and cement mortar. The steel mesh should be fine-wire dense mesh (generally 1 mm in wire diameter, 10×10 mm in mesh), and the usual number of layers is 4 to 8, and reinforcement mesh can be inserted if necessary. The mortar number is generally 250~350. Due to the small thickness of the steel mesh cement shell, generally only 15~35 mm, special attention should be paid to the quality of construction. The thickness of the maintenance layer of the steel mesh should be strictly controlled between 3~5 mm. The vibrating mortar should be dense and the appearance should be smooth. , To improve its impermeability.

In order to protect the steel mesh from rust, the surface should be coated with waterproof paint or resin to extendSteel gateLife. If well maintained, the service life can reach more than 20 years. The thin-shell door leaf can be regarded as a homogeneous elastic structure. The internal force analysis can be carried out according to the general shell theory. In the past, approximate methods were used to calculate by hand, but it has been developed to use the finite element method to calculate on an electronic computer.

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