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Hydraulic arc multi-stage gate
Hydraulic arc multi-stage gate

Hydraulic lifting dam is an innovative function of water conservancy science and technology, and it is also the first active dam technology at home and abroad. It is widely used in the construction of irrigation, ship locks, fisheries, sea water tide, urban river landscape engineering and small hydropower stations. The hydraulic lifting dam has scientific mechanical structure, smooth flood discharge, no fear of sedimentation, no fear of floating objects; part of the panel can quickly wash away floating objects upstream and restore the clear water surface; the dam collapses quickly to ensure the safety of flooding during the flood period; the structure is solid Durable and strong against flood impact. It overcomes the main shortcomings of the traditional movable dam type, and also has the main advantages of the traditional dam type: it is as beautiful as a steel dam, and can complete the waterfall landscape; it is close to the dam foundation and the rubber dam, and the flood flow is unimpeded; the dam is actively released and flooded. Flip gate, complete arbitrary high water retention; durable like ordinary sluice, easy to protect.

The hydraulic lifting dam has the following characteristics:

1. The hydraulic lifting dam has a solid and reliable structure and a long service life. After the dam surface is raised, a stable supporting pier dam structure is formed, a fixed triangular support, the mechanical structure is scientific, and the ability to resist flood impact is extremely strong. The dam is inclined 15 degrees downstream, and the water flow is clear. It will not be damaged by icing in the north in winter. The service life is more than 50 years.

2. After the movable dam surface is overturned, the dam surface is only 20 cm higher than the base, which can achieve the same flood discharge function as no dam. Therefore, even the once-in-a-millennium flood will not damage it. Flood flooding, sand washing, and floating debris discharge are all good. No objects can be seen on the river bed during the wet season, which will neither affect flood control nor navigation. Therefore, there is no need to build ship locks.

3. The working environment and fault rate of the hydraulic system. The cylinder of the steel dam is located in the lock chamber orRiver gateIn the middle pier, the equipment operates in an anhydrous environment, and the hydraulic system has a long service life and low failure rate. /4. The hydraulic cylinder and other mechanical components of the hydraulic lifting dam are located in the river. After the equipment is put into use, the equipment will be in the river for a long time, which is prone to malfunction; and the cylinder needs to be swayed due to work, the manufacturer will leave a slightly larger sluice floor during the project implementation Activity space, this space is easy to silt, forming the cylinder can not work, can not complete the lifting dam.

5. There are important innovations in the sealing and water stopping of hydraulic lifting dams, not only can it be almost leak-proof, but also can be used for ten years. The parts are durable, easy to replace, and inexpensive.

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