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Hydraulic side gate
Hydraulic side gate

Ship lock

It is a box-shaped navigable structure that uses water to fill and discharge water into the channel with gates at both ends to raise and lower the water level, so that the ship can overcome the concentrated water level drop on the channel.

Also known as"chamber lock". It is composed of lock chamber, lock head, gate, approach channel and corresponding equipment. When the ship moves up, drain the lock chamber first, wait until the indoor water level is level with the downstream water level, open the downstream gate to allow the ship to enter the lock chamber, then close the downstream gate and fill the lock chamber until the water level in the lock chamber is equal to the upstream water level , Open the upstream gate, the ship exits the lock chamber and enters the upstream channel. The opposite is true when going down.


The ship lock consists of the lock head, lock chamber, water delivery system, gate, valve, approach channel and other parts and corresponding equipment.

Gate head

The water-retaining structure that separates the lock chamber from the upstream and downstream channels is divided into upper and lower lock heads. There are working gates, inspection gates, water delivery system, gate and valve opening and closing equipment on the gate head. The sluice head usually adopts a monolithic reinforced concrete structure, and the side piers and the bottom plate are rigidly connected together.

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