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Integrated hydraulic sliding gate
Integrated hydraulic sliding gate

How to classify water conservancy gates

Water conservancy gates are classified as follows:

1. According to the nature of the operation of the gate, it can be divided into operation gate, inspection gate and incident gate. The operating gate is also called the main gate, which can be opened and closed in moving water. The inspection gate is located in front of the operation gate. It is used for short-term water retention during maintenance of buildings or operating gates, etc., generally open and closed in still water. The incident gate is mostly set in front of the deep hole operation gate. It can be closed in moving water and opened in static water when a building or equipment has an incident; when it is also used as an inspection gate, it is also called an incident inspection gate; it needs to be closed urgently within a limited time The incident gate is called the fast gate.

2. According to the relative position between the top of the gate and the water surface when the gate is closed, it can be divided into an exposed gate and a down-the-hole gate. (Manufacturer of gate hoist)

3. According to the appearance and shape of the gate leaf, it is divided into flat gate, arc gate, herringbone gate, arch gate, spherical gate and cylindrical gate.

4. According to the data for making the gate leaf, it is divided into steel gate, casting gate, wooden gate, reinforced concrete gate and combined data gate. The flap gate can be opened and closed automatically by hydraulic power, which is called hydraulic active gate. When we select the gate method, we need to consider the location, scale, planning head, application conditions, production ability and technical level of the installation in the hydraulic structure. It is required to achieve good flow conditions, tight water stop, and start The closing force is small, the operation is simple and sensitive, and the maintenance is convenient. Plane gates and arc gates are commonly used gate types.

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