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Two-way waterstop round gate
Two-way waterstop round gate

I. Overview:

Gate hoist This product is our company's leading product, it uses the machined surface to directly stop the water, and the water stop is significant. The gate structure is reasonable, easy to install, easy to operate, flexible, easy to handle, and corrosion resistant.

2. Scope of use and purpose:

Gates are maneuverable equipment on various channels in water conservancy and hydropower projects. Water conservancy hoists are widely used in small and medium water conservancy and hydropower, municipal water supply and drainage projects, aquatic breeding, farmland irrigation and other water conservancy projects. It is used to open the water level and regulate the flow.

3. Structure and characteristics:

The gate is composed of a gate, a gate frame, a pressure plate, a water stop pin, and a hanging nose. According to the structure, it is divided into two types: PGZ integral type and combined type. Under the action of the hoist (manual and electric), the gate makes the gate slide up and down on the water stop surface of the gate frame to complete the opening and closing of the water orifice. Close the water stop pin to make the water stop surface fit effectively , In order to ensure the role of water, complete the outstanding water stopping intention. The water seepage per meter length does not exceed 0.03 liters/sec.

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