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Portable stacked beam gate
Portable stacked beam gate

Product introduction of stacked beam gate

In the way of the stacked beam gate device, the stacked beams are manually put into the path one by one, which has the characteristics of convenient insertion, extraction, light weight, and convenient maintenance. The flapper valve is installed in a large-scale water channel and is used as an opening and closing device together with a lifting frame. When the current needs to be intercepted, the lifting equipment passes through the lifting frame, and the inserts are hoisted into the structural slot one by one. When the inserts are in place, the hoisting hooks are actively separated from the inserts, and the inserts are lifted out one by one with the lifting equipment and lifting , The operation is convenient and reliable.

Summary of stacked beam gate:

Product name: stacked beam gate, stacked beam gate, stacked beam valve

Product model: DLZ

Product specifications: 200*200-3000*3000

Product use: The stacked beam gate is widely used in sewage treatment plants, water plants, power plants and other industries. Used for interception.

Product function: working head less than 5 meters.

Applicable medium: sewage, water, sea water, etc.

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